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My first contact with World Linen was during a cold call I made to the company on a Saturday with the intention of leaving a message. The owner, Milton Jupiter, picked up the phone and we had a warm conversation that led me to book a flight to Los Angeles with the sole intention of visiting the World Linen operation, and meeting this warm gentleman in person.


Extending a gracious attitude of educating me about the history of his company and his lifelong experience in the textile trade, and sharing tales of working with designers that outfit the glamorous homes in the Hollywood hills, I spent a couple of hours getting to know the World Linen staff and placing an initial order. Milton showed me behind the scenes of his operation, permitted me to buy some bolts of 100% hemp that were being readied for introduction to the European market, and gave me a wonderful price point on my first order.


With my initial passion in the design trade being sparked by suppliers such as Milton in the textile industry, I was back at home with bolts of linen, both solids and print, and gorgeous hemp, all superior quality that is typically reserved for only the best in the business. I immediately wrapped up the design details of my latest sofa silhouette and headed for the upholstery workroom.


Since that first order with World Linen, I've heard their name and reputation shared by others in the trade with respect. World Linen will work with designers to develop custom prints for private-label designs, and can drop-ship bolts that have been prepared for print (PFP) to your printing source for strike-offs.


World Linen is a personal top-10 favorite finds for Hot Market Finds.


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