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The Matteo line of fine bedding, with a commitment to creating the world's most sumptuous sleeping experience while nestled in the purity of 100% natural linen fiber, is hand-crafted using the finest fibers sourced from around the world. Italian founder Matthew Lenoci has adopted the garment dyeing technique to produce the line, a process where the fabric is cut and sewn first before applying the color, resulting in a vintage washed look. The result puts Matteo at the top of the industry as a leader in garment-dyed bed linens.


The superior fiber quality and attention to every design detail results in the finest quality of luxury of bed linens, a beautiful choice for designers and retailers working with clients that can appreciate the benefits of investing in quality bedding.


The Matteo line also extends to bedding for the nursery, fine bath towels, table linens and apparel. Truly an exceptional product, Matteo should be on the list of all who cater to those expecting only the finest when dressing the bedroom.


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