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A soothing expression of style and intellect is always found with a collection of historical books bound in leather. The Decorative Leather Books company caters to the interior design trade with the perfect decorative solution. Original antique books penned in a foreign language up to 150 years ago are carefully rebound using leather, canvas, parchment and other coverings. The results are sophisticated and stunning.


The Decorative Leather Books line has become a staple in decor projects of homes, hotels and boardrooms throughout the world. Founders Darrell and Kimberly Lynn have been in the



design trade for over 20 years and developed this trade-only product after living in Stockholm for four years. Always prompt to answer your inquiry, Darrell or Kimberly will personally reply quickly. My late night registration on their website prompted an immediate return phone call from Darrell, who was eager to provide all the information and history about his company I could need in order to help grow my business.


Top customer service and a beautifully unique product, the Decorative Leather Books company is a key supplier on my hot market finds list.



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