The buzz from Hot Market Finds

Floral designers and interior designers alike will benefit from knowing the fabulous selection at the Gold Leaf Design Group in Chicago. The Gold Leaf team includes industrial designers and artists that like to play big, resulting in a wonderful collection of vessels, wall art, and botanical displays that make a strong statement. From tablescapes to landscapes, the assortment of elements you can use indoors or out comes in shapes created in stainless steel, resin, wire, natural botanicals, wood...the list goes on.


Floral designers must have Gold Leaf on the top of their go-to list as well as interior designers, architects and project




specifiers. While the styles often run in a modern direction scaled for hospitality and retail environs, so many pieces, particularly the natural botanicals and woods, are the perfect surprise element that work beautifully in residential and office interiors.


You'll find the Gold Leaf Design Group's show-stopping display located at the entrance to high design temporaries at Atlanta's AmericasMart where the Gold Leaf design team will warmly welcome your first order and get you hooked!


A fabulous find that stands out in our decor category, and a must-see!




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