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I owe a debt of gratitude to the owners of Coraggio Textiles in Bellevue, Washington. For it was this small family-owned start-up some 30 years ago where I took a receptionist job which influenced the way I saw small business opportunities on a global scale. Working with the Coraggio owners in the first year of their business, I was one of 5 employees building a textile brand based on a drapery textile product imported from a small village in Italy. I eventually moved on to launch my own successful career in importing products as a result of this influential relationship.


Knowing the owners' philosophy and dedication to product sourcing, quality design and development, and customer service, I can speak first-hand of this highly regarded



company. I often see the Coraggio name cited as a key resource of fabrics used in designer projects that grace that pages of magazines such as Architectural Digest and other decorating references.


The Coraggio line includes beautiful linens, velvets, silks, prints, leathers and sheers for upholstery and drapery fabrication, as well as wall covering. The line is represented in showrooms from New York to Seattle, a list of which can be found on their website.


For this Supplier Spotlight recommendation, I offer a toast to the the 30+ years of success Coraggio Textiles has enjoyed, from the early days of the colorful "Pentimento" line and hand-painted canvas, to today's finest linens, velvets, silks and more. I thank you, and look forward to doing business with you again soon!



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