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When most of us think of bugs we recoil. But meeting Christopher Marley and seeing his approach of elevating the bug world through his incredible design aesthetic is an all-too-different matter.


Christopher's work under the brand name Pheromone is one of brilliant beauty. After traveling the globe looking for certain natural elements that meet his design criteria, Christopher then turns to the time-consuming work of harvesting, collecting and breeding the species in a responsible manner.


To preserve these natural works of art, Christopher mounts and frames the natural species in displays using archival materials, then seals the collection hermetically for a lifetime of enjoyment and wonder. Incorporating these into a home or commercial space is a splendidly different way to incorporate color with surprise and awe.


Rounding out our hot market finds in the decor category, Christopher Marley's Pheromone is undeniably a standout in the crowd.



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