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Whether you are a wedding planner, interior designer, or occasional dinner party host, the selection of stunning floral vases from Chive is a perfect bet. The entire line is fun and fresh, using unpredictable slender height and variations on the round to make a single floral stem take center stage.


From the test tube profile to the flat 'dot' that can be suspended in multiples on a wall, Chive's owners/designers take an artistic approach to the ordinary glass vessel. Copied but never duplicated in success, the line is perfectly affordable for any occasion.



A stop at the Chive website shows prices at retail, but gives you a thorough review of their entire line. Wholesale accounts are set up upon approval, and these guys are fun to work with! The Canadian-based company ships from Buffalo New York, so duties are no problem.


With so many standard silhouettes to the glass vase out there, do something a bit different in your environment. These containers are sure to catch everyone by pleasant surprise!

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