The buzz from Hot Market Finds

The Atlanta showroom of Blue Ocean Traders is chock-full of fabulous finds from around the world. Even with a space crowded from floor to ceiling, I elbow and apologize to fellow buyers as I press my way to the very back corner to ensure I don't miss a thing! The company's president, Jason Mulvene, travels the globe to find the unique antiques and inspiration for his reproductions. This season's selection is influenced by the recent trip to Egypt and Morocco, with Europe and India in recent past. Next trip...Turkey.


I discovered Blue Ocean Traders through the referral of other highly respected suppliers at market, with them indicating this showroom was a must-see for finding the unique one-of-a-kind



decor objects that had the right amount of surprise and style. Not to be disappointed, I make sure I stop in every season to see what the latest container has brought to shore.


If lucky enough to be in the area of Kentucky, the 100,000 square foot warehouse is a bit more spacious for digging through their lots of golden finds. Blue Ocean is most accommodating to having you pull up with your own cargo truck and pick through their treasures. They'll even assist in loading you up and sending you on your way.


Another one of my top secret sources!

  Favorite finds from this supplier: